About IANA

At the International Academic Nursing Alliance (IANA) website, nurse educators from around the globe come together to promote scholarship and excellence in nursing education by connecting with other university-based schools of nursing. The website provides the platform for nurse educators to form electronic alliances that promote collaboration and the dissemination of nursing knowledge.

On the IANA website, academicians in nursing choose to be united by their shared work of creating educational excellence. It is available at no cost to participating individuals and universities and provides the means to match users having information, resources, research interests and teaching/learning opportunities with those who seek it. Once matches are made, the participating schools or individuals are responsible to arrange collaborative initiatives.

Benefits of Membership

Individual Nurse Educators

My Profile -  Individual faculty profile - make global connections and network with colleagues!

Discussion Forums
Share your teaching techniques and strategies, your scholarly work, research and collaborative efforts. 

Library – Share curricula, innovative teaching strategies, presentations and videos 

University Schools of Nursing

University Profile - Share your School of Nursing programs with IANA members

Library - Share documents, announcements, student and/or faculty exchanges, sabbaticals, etc.

Discussion Forums - Post requests for consultations on specific topics or experts on your faculty available to provide consultations on educational issues.


Mission Statement

The International Academic Nursing Alliance is a global electronic network of nursing educators linking resources and information from schools of nursing that facilitate collaborations, exchanges, mentoring opportunities, research and faculty development.

Purpose Statement 
The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International powers the International Academic Nursing Alliance as a database that allows nurses worldwide to access information and resources that can be used to foster high standards in nursing education to ultimately improve the health of the world’s populations.


In 1999, a group of nurse educators, administrators, clinicians and researchers met to discuss the global accessibility of health care. The workgroup identified the need for a tool to share resources between nursing schools and faculty. Out of their discussions, the International Academic Nursing Alliance (IANA) was born. 

Over the past decade, the IANA website has undergone several updates to improve usability. In the spring of 2011 a brand-new platform for the IANA site was introduced. This new site serves schools of nursing and nurse educators and will continue to be a source of information and opportunity for nurse educators committed to advancing excellence in nursing education worldwide.